Petition to self fund a OHV program in Tennessee

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Petition to self fund a OHV program in Tennessee

Postby KF5ZXT » Fri Jan 11, 2013 4:27 pm

A group called OHV4TN has started a petition about paying a fee to ride on Tennessee state managed land. If you are willing to pay a fee to ride on state managed land please sign this petition. Money talks so lets see what happens ! Also Aetna Nation is asking for letters to be mailed to them for this issue that will be delivered to a meeting.

Very Important! Sign this petition please. This is getting the ball rolling and will be very important in an upcoming meeting concerning OHV use. Trust me, this is important to you if you are an OHV, or Off Highway Vehicle, person. Also any clubs, any where, are also encouraged to send an official letter saying you support this petition. Anyone that wants to send a letter giving your personal support for this program is encouraged also.

The address is:
Aetna Nation, P.O. Box 222, Guild, TN.
I will make sure it gets to the proper place. Thanks!

Note: Self fund, on the petition, means you are willing to pay a fee to access state managed areas if provided.

This is the link to the petition : We want to self-fund an OHV program in Tennessee Petition


All signatures are needed does't matter what state you live in ! Please sign petition no latter than January 15th 2013.
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Re: Petition to self fund a OHV program in Tennessee

Postby TxPlates » Fri Jan 11, 2013 9:20 pm

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