Canadian River - Amarillo, Texas

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Canadian River - Amarillo, Texas

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Admission Fees Free, however update as of 2/26/08, Helmet Laws are now being enforced in the area. My apologies for those that received citations because of this site. So just as a reminder, helmets and eye protection are required FOR ALL PUBLIC Texas TRAILS AND OFF HIGHWAY VEHICLE AREAS. Yes, even for thoose of us who putt around on a utility ATV.
Camping Availability Camping also available, No hookups.

•20,000 Acres
•Rock Climbing
•Sand Drags
•Mud in River Bottoms

Directions From Amarillo, Turn North on HW 287 about 16 miles. At the Canadian River Bridge turn right. The ORV area starts at the bridge and heads East and West.

Click for Map
Weekend Events Always Open everyday.

Sand Drags and Mud Bog are normally held the last Weekend of February. This is a major Texas Off-road Event. Classes include ATV's, Buggies, Trucks.
The Amarillo Sand Drag Association or West Texas Outlaws have hosted the events in the past.

Contact Information
Sand Drags 2002 Report
West Texas Outlaws website

Rode the Canadian River valley for 2 days and did not ride same trail twice. Rode over 100 miles. Went 10 miles east of bridge and 20 miles west of bridge. Wish it had better camping facility.

area: narrow but very long (follows river bed) various riding : sand, small rocks, water, and mud vehicles: motorcycles, quads, buggys, and pick-ups FUN! water is shallow, the mud seems to be a mixture of red TX soils (sand). my suzuki ltr450 went nearly everywhere in the shallow stream. hills are about 200-300 feet high but scenic. I went about 10 miles both directions from the bridge. I preferred the groups of hills several miles to the east. The are some hills directly to the west side of the bridge. west of there was sort of boring as you are limited to riding along or in the stream. but going under the huge railroad bridge was neat. The website suggest widowmaker as a challenging hill. I have been offroading for many years. I didnt even try widowmaker as it is way to rough. I'm from Nebraska and had to ask many of the locals until i finally met someone who knew where it was. Widowmaker is a disappointment. GO east! Much bigger hills with nice trails. I have larger rear sprocket on my quadracer so had to remove skidplate and didnt hardly hit, but still recommend skid plate. A natural spring on the east end quenched my thirst. It also cleaned my crevices. Park under the bridge for weather protection. I will go back.

I just made my first trip to the Canadian River area this past weekend. This place is amazing for its great variety of trail types/conditons. A big mixture of terrain. Everything from flat roads to hills of every size. Rocky hills, sandy hills. Was cruising down the stream on my Honda Rancher 350 in about 4 to 6 inches of water, when all of a sudden I found myself in about 3 feet of water. I killed the engine, jumped off the ATV into waist-deep water. A couple of buddies helped me get the machine up on the mud. The Honda started up just fine, the cell phone that was in my front jeans pocket did not survive. I only wish this place was not 150 miles from my home.

As Public land in Texas is becoming scarce to ORV's, this place one of the few where you can wheel without paying, and in a river bed(which is dried up most of the time). The scenery out here is beautiful, with tall ridges, lots of wildlife, and different types of terrain available for different vehicles. The views here are breathtaking, wide open territory, with lots of trees and shrubbery. And some areas can be rocky, and ofcourse around the river beds you will find the fun stuff...MUD! It is very windy out here most of the time, so if it is chilly come prepared. Some vehicles may try "The WidowMaker" but few will make this 70 degree climb straight up a cliff. If traveling to the area, take a day and visit Palo Duro Canyon south of Amarillo, although no ORV's are allowed, this is the 2nd largest canyon in the US behind the Grand Canyon. Overall, I am really impressed with the Canadian River and giving it 5 stars. If you decide to come out, please pack your trash out.
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