Rock Creek - Lipan, Texas

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Rock Creek - Lipan, Texas

Postby KF5ZXT » Tue Sep 03, 2013 10:35 am

everyone needs to go out to rock creek in lipan, the place is sick and the guy who owns the land is really cool, he hoped in my jk while i was there and showed me around the place

Just got back from another sick trip to rock creek, a buddy of mine broke an axle on his '01 TJ, the guys installed a new one for him for free! the guys there are just awesome.

We had a great time at this location today. The park is fairly small (only 300 acres). Myself, FJDozer, SSDuck8, Fenderltd, & Millertime met in Granbury this morning about 10am and from Granbury it was about another 30 minutes on Hwy 4 between 281 and I20. The trails were moderate but since we had rain the last week, there was some creeks to run with quite a bit of mud. They had a old quarry that had lots of brush that could be quite challenging for hard core buggies. I think the groups should be kept to a maximum of no more than 10 vehicles because of the size of the park. We were there for about 4 hours and pretty well covered the whole park.
It was fun to meet new people and to see old friends. CUDOS to Fenderltd for only his 2nd time out!! He did great.

This was kind of like a "feeler" run made at the last minute. The owner doesn't want a ton of people there as it seems it's more for him and his friends & family, and letting about 10-15 people in to make a little extra on the side. The price to get in was $20.00.

The trails to me are nothing like Barnwell. There is so much open room and your never on a trail in the woods. You can make your own trails if you want too. Some of the trails were very difficult even with a 3" lift because of how massive some of the boulders and drop offs were, it was impossible not to hit a skid, bumper, or rock rail. Or for DOZER, his hitch! Difficulty level is probably a 3 or 4 though for most of the trail. Maybe a 2 here and there.

Compared to Barnewell, this is a Kiddie Pool with a small wave pool at one end. Barnwell is much more technical and better marked. This is really just a piece of land in Hill Country. Yeah, there are a couple of crazy spots but really not too much of anything very radical. However, It was great fun on a beautiful Sunday.
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