Removing 4 wheel ABS - EF

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Removing 4 wheel ABS - EF

Postby KF5ZXT » Tue Aug 13, 2013 10:13 am

Removing 4 wheel ABS - EF

james t wrote:Brakes are plumbed and bled.

If you want to get rid of the 4wheel ABS pump, this is the easiest way-

You will need 3 male ends for 3/16" brake line, a female T for those ends, and your standard brake line cutting and flaring tools. The thread size doesnt matter so long as its all for 3/16" line, and your fitting threads match the T block. Your Explorer has a mixture of 12mm and 10mm fittings on standard 3/16" line.

The factory rear brake line that runs to the ABS pump gets bent upward and screws right into the brake master cylinder. Bam, you're done with the rear.

The front is where your new ends and the T block come in. Mount the T block on the frame around were the ABS pump used to be. Us the factory master cylinder-to-ABS pump line to go to the T. Cut the end off the bottom of that line and add your new standard fitting, and reflare it. Your other stock front brake lines (the ones that run from the frame to the drop lines to the caliper) will get the same treatment. Just cut the ends off, and the new ends and flare it.

I can tell you now if you can find a metric brake T block that is for 12mm threads you dont have to change the ends. I could not find such animal... not even online.

Just putting this out there incase some of you want to get rid of the 4wheel ABS pump- i couldnt really find alot of info on it. Thanx section525 for your help.

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