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From the Editor

Frank Ledwell

"Adventure is Worthwhile"
Sometimes adventure can be found when you least expect it. Simply stepping outside your front door opens a world of possibilities and that's what OutdoorX4 is all about: getting out and exploring the natural world.

OutdoorX4 is focused on providing engaging articles and photography of which you can relate to, whether in a 4x4, dual-sport motorcycle, or on a hike, camping, mountain biking, fishing...you name it! You don't need a $60k vehicle or a $500 pair of hiking boots in order to enjoy the outdoors. All you need is a sense of adventure and the rest is up to you.

You can preview the HTML5 digital edition of OutdoorX4 by clicking the front cover image above. If you like what you see, pick-up an annual subscription today for only $25 U.S. which includes full access to our digital edition as well as six issues of the print version of OutdoorX4. You can also view a preview our first four issues by clicking here.

Also, to celebrate the first day of Autumn you can use coupon code "fall2014" to get 20% off your subscription order at checkout from our website now through 9/30.

Lastly, check out our social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to follow the latest news, photos, and contests from OutdoorX4. Just go to @outdoorx4 on social media and Like/Follow us today!

I hope you enjoy this preview of OutdoorX4 and it inspires you to get out on your own adventure.

Into Comancheria

Overland adventure in the South Plains
The rising sun silhouettes a troop of mounted soldiers approaching along the wide expanse of the Canadian River. A Comanche brave watches the tiny figures from the bluff. His pony forages on sweet grass in the canyon far below, in the shade of cottonwood trees. Soon the young warrior scrambles down from his perch and in one lithe movement swings atop his horse, turning toward his village at a gallop. It is 1849.

Go Explore

The journey is the reward
The overland movement has grown exponentially in recent years...The gear you have right now in your garage or back seat will take you farther than you think. A little common sense and an adventurous spirit will get you the rest of the way. The first thing you need to do is walk out the door destined for anywhere or nowhere and make it happen.


OutdoorX4 is a perfect-bound, coffee table quality publication focused on promoting responsible 4×4 adventure travel and outdoor recreation. Whether it's in a 4×4 vehicle or in the backcountry to enjoy mountain biking, hiking, fishing, or other forms of outdoor recreation, OutdoorX4 is all about adventure. We appeal to the broadest range of outdoors enthusiast while providing expert advice in the field, suggestions on places to visit along with an expanded perspective on the history of the areas we travel, dynamic photography and editorial that inspires, and promotion of responsible 4×4 adventure travel and outdoor recreation in an effort to guide all outdoors enthusiasts to choose the road less traveled.

OutdoorX4 is offered six times annually (bi-monthly) in both print and HTML5 digital with our digital edition viewable on any desktop, laptop, or mobile device equipped with Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 10 (or higher), Mozilla Firefox, or Safari browser installed.

To celebrate the first day of Autumn, use coupon code fall2014 at checkout to receive a 20% discount on your subscription now through 9/30. Click the Subscribe button at the top of this email or by clicking the button below. If you are a business interested in expanding your reach through OutdorX4, please click the Advertise option at the top or click here.

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